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There is little doubt that the American housing industry will take some time to recover.  Some markets in the country are finally beginning to see an upswing in sales and values, but many others are still stale.  While countless Americans are struggling to try to sell their homes, there has really never been a better time to make a real estate investment.  There are numerous factors that make this fact obvious, and considering all or even one of them will likely lead you to think seriously about becoming a real estate investor and take advantage of the current real estate market.

Homes are staying on the market for longer than they have in recent memory.  In fact, most homes for sale have been listed for almost one hundred and ninety days.  Motivated sellers?  Absolutely.  People are facing the need to sell their homes or face foreclosure, and the growing amount of time it takes them to do that makes them anxious to sell for less.  That means that you’ll pay less for your real estate investment than you can even imagine.  In fact, right now the average price of a home is at its lowest level in years.  And the selection is staggering, since there are currently an incredibly high number of homes on the market to choose from.

So what’s the best way to make your real estate investment?  That depends on your individual plans.  One of the most popular ways is to take advantage of the low prices and low interest rates currently being offered to buy a home.  Or two.  Or more, depending on your means.  While the real estate market may not be great for sellers, the rental market is booming.  When you buy your properties, you might consider renting them out.  You’ll gain income that can offset or even cover all of your loan payments, making it easy to hold onto your properties until the market improves and you can sell them for a profit.

This type of real estate investment is being referred to as accidental investing, since many who are implementing the strategy never planned on it.  But taking advantage of the situation is a great way to invest in your financial future.  It may seem risky, but the housing market is expected to improve eventually.  If you have the means, taking advantage of the low price, low interest rates, and wealth of opportunity will pay off for you in the end.

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