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Utility Information

Utility Information:


-Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA):  800-683-5542,  The Official JEA website

-St Johns County Utility:  877-837-2311,  The Official St Johns County Utility website

-Clay County Utility Authority:  904-272-5999,  The Official Clay County Utility Authority website

-Clay Electric Cooperative:  904-272-2456,  The Official Clay Electric Cooperative website

-Florida Power & Light:  800-226-3545,  The Official Florida Power & Light website

-Beaches Energy Services:  904-247-6241,  The Official Beaches Energy Services website

-City of St Augustine Utility:  904-825-1037,  The Official CoSA Utility website

Propane Gas:

-Sawyer Gas:  800-683-0762,  The Official Sawyer Gas website

-Amerigas:  904-355-0501,  The Official Amerigas website

-Western Natural Gas:  904-387-3511,  The Official Western Natural Gas website


-Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA):  800-683-5542,  The Official JEA website


-AT&T:  888-757-6500,  The Official AT&T website


-Comcast:  800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278) ,  The Official Comcast website


This service is typically included with the property taxes of the property; however, it will be determined on the individual municipality.

*Most telephone and cable service providers offer bundle packages for TV, Internet and Telephone services.  Please check with the service provider to determine which service packages are best for you.

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